Friday, January 29, 2010

Jan 29 , 2010

Dear Traders' ,
How are you doin? EUR/USD completely as what i am forecast here and GBP/USD is following exactly but during the fundamental release 830EST, it reverse as same as it moving from opening.
Nevermind buddy, what was happen is just happen....
Now let us see what we have in the Forex Factory ...

So tonite we have GDP for CAD and Advance GDP for USD ...
Seems like it will goin increasing, therefore the currency also will increasing, means bullish for selected pair...
Then some input from Forex Trading Blog we have ....

Here’s a look at the currencies:

Aussie (AUD): Benefitting in early trade from risk appetite, the Aussie traded as high as 90.45 vs. the US dollar. In addition, commodity prices are higher as well. There is much debate over whether or not another rate hike will be in order at the next policy meeting as inflation concerns abound. Watch out for a mid-morning reversal if equity markets sell-off.

Kiwi (NZD): Yesterday, the New Zealand Central Bank left interest rates unchanged at 2.5% as inflation is likely to stay in its target range. However, the bank is expected to move on rates sometime before mid-year. Also up this morning, but off of its highs.

Loonie (CAD): With oil prices holding above $74 (for now), the Loonie is showing decent gains this morning against the risk averse currencies. The Loonie is showing some strength today vs. the US dollar, as it bounced back against technical resistance at 1.065.

Euro (EUR): The Euro is down this morning after having broken support at 1.40 vs. the US dollar. While EC economic sentiment was up this morning vs. an expected decline, the news that the first of the PIIGS countries, Portugal, may be following Greece’s lead down the road to fiscal uncertainty. S&P is saying that Portugal’s current budget leaves the country economically “frail”. Remember that when trading often times support becomes resistance so keep that 1.40 level in mind.

Pound (GBP): The Pound is strong again this morning, extending yesterday’s gains. The prevailing thought is that interest rate hikes may be on the table for the foreseeable future.

US Dollar (USD): The dollar is down today against the commodity currencies as risk appetite has returned. US durable goods orders came in lower than expected, and initial jobless claims came in slightly more than expected. This lends credence to the FOMC stance that rates should remain low for “an extended period”, much to KC Fed Chief Hoenig’s chagrin.

Yen (JPY): The yen is down against all but the Euro currencies, as the bottom rung on the risk-taking ladder. The uptick in risk appetite as a result of the State of the Union Address last night has helped propel Asian stock markets higher last night and the yen lower.

In world markets, the Asian stock markets closed higher than 1.5% from the previous day but stocks in Europe are mostly lower with news out of the Euro Zone. US stock markets are down, and gold and oil are higher, to 1093 and 74.12 respectively.

What’s important to take away from all of this news is that no single instrument trades in a “bubble” and that news from around the globe can affect any market. By having and maintaining an understanding of global events, investors and traders can better position themselves.

So then let we see what we have in Technical Analysis :


So then, this pair will continue Bearish as per last movement.

There is none chart pattern appear, MACD said it stil under 0-level and stochastic is pointing down.

There is maybe have retracement since the trendline is said that its already bottom.


So then for this pair, what we can see here is same as previous movement. It is still in Bearish mode..Poor EUR for these kind of movement.In chart pattern just be carefull since its make double bottom from open market at this morning. Same as Stochastic it was pointing up even MACD is still under the 0-level and trendline is still going down and the trend is still Bearish.

So then, Happy trading and Good Weekend .... :)

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  • New "Trade From Charts" Features: Now you can partially close positions for a given symbol directly from the charts.
  • New Indicators and Tools: Andrews' Pitchfork, Ruler, and Fibonacci Time Zones are now available.
  • New Chart Button: Now you can pull up a chart directly from the “Create Market/Entry/Stop/Limit” windows.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jan 28 , 2010

Hello Traders' ..
How you all doin ? Hopefully everyone is in good....No matter what was goin on with the market, jz put aside and remain trading as usual ..

So let us see what we have from Forex Factory ...
Our focus for today is Core Durable Goods order and Unemployment Claims, I was forecast and it seem bring The US decline...So let us see some article from Forex Trading Blog ...

This morning, the broader currency markets are trading in a slight range, with the Japanese yen (JPY) and the British pound (GBP) showing gains against the US dollar. There is a mild risk-aversion theme this morning as all eyes are on the US FOMC policy meeting today at 2:15 EST.

As far as news-worthy currency events go, this may be the one which has the largest impact on the market. It is almost 100% certain that the Fed will not be raising rates from .25%, however the market will be looking for clues for any change in language that may suggest a shift in policy.

The markets here in the US have been on edge recently, as political pressure and rhetoric have picked up because of what many see as a rejection of the current administration’s policies. This has caused some in Congress to pull their support for Fed Chairman Bernanke, whose term is up at the end of January.

Let’s take a look at how specific currencies are faring so far:

Aussie (AUD): Earlier today the Australian Consumer Price Index (CPI) number came in at .5% for Q4 and at 2.1% YoY, which was slightly higher than expectations. This sent the Aussie initially higher and above .90 against the US dollar, though it’s now trading below on the move to risk aversion and fears that the moratorium in Chinese lending may affect the Australian economy.

Kiwi (NZD): The Kiwi is trading down on the risk aversion theme, most notably against the Japanese yen around .5% on the morning. The Reserve Bank of New Zealand is coming out with its rate decision later today and is expected to maintain rates at 2.5%, which is a record low. This could weigh heavily on the Kiwi as the market has priced in a 50 basis point rise by mid-year.

Loonie (CAD): The Loonie is trading near a 5-week low as world markets and commodities have sold off recently and the flight to safety trade has been in effect. One of the major factors affecting the Loonie is the price of oil, which is off some $10 from recent highs.

Euro (EUR): The Euro is off slightly this morning, as it attempts to shake off the problems it’s been having related to the debt crisis in Greece. European stock indices are down today, as comments from ECB council member Weber said that the bank may take additional steps to withdraw liquidity from its banking system. With today’s FOMC decision on tap, the Euro could test 1.40 which has been an area of psychological support for some time.

Pound (GBP): Reports are out this morning that the quantitative easing measures that the Bank of England has taken may be working. Although UK GDP came in lighter than expected, it did come in positive which is a step in the right direction. BOE policy-maker Sentance warned that the bank may need to act quickly if the recovery strengthens and inflation picks up. The pound is up to 1.62 vs. the US dollar.

US Dollar (USD): The dollar is weak against the pound and the yen this morning, but otherwise is up slightly against the commodity currencies and the Euro. The market is waiting on the FOMC decision and more importantly if there is a change is language which may give hints about a change in policy. Keep an ear out for a continuation of the “extended period” language. The dollar has been gaining recently, as risk-aversion has heightened around the globe.

Yen (JPY): The Japanese yen is at a 5-week high vs. the dollar, as the Japanese yen benefits the most from the risk-aversion trade. With interest rates at .1% and not moving any time soon, the carry trade is back on with the yen as the funding currency of choice. Also to note is that Japanese exports have risen for the first time since mid-2008, a sign that economic recovery may be taking place.

In world markets, stocks are down in Asia and Europe and the MSCI world stock index is experiencing its largest losing streak in almost a year as concerns that developed economies may be preparing to scale back which affects emerging markets. In the US, the stock markets are down slightly as are gold and oil, which are trading below 1100 and 75 respectively.

So, whatever it is , let we see for the Technical Analysis ...


So then in chart pattern , i can say it is nothing but if someone have knowledge from Fibonacci, you can use it, find retracement level then put your Buy Entry Order . Here i am using Trendline which all can see with the purple hand-draw line . Since it already pass through the Pivot level, so then it will continue movement as Bullish. Same as MACD, it is over the 0-level but the stochastics is pointing Down with RSi , so plan your trade, find the lowest point become your entry Buy order.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jan 21 , 2010

Hai Traders' ...
How are you doin ? Hopefully all good and also your trading...Im sorry have to left you all behind since have something to do. So nevermind,let we start all over again by today.
Ok and again lets us see what we have in Fundamental Analysis for today ...

So we can see here attach from forex factory here in the red flag the only have for US which is Unemployment Claim with previous is 444K and forecast is 441k,seems like decreasing for US and will bring good for USD. Thats in the fundamental analysis.So others for today is EUR and GBP...Ok then lets us see for the chart analysis

EUR/USDSo in EUR/USD we can see that start from Tuesday is was Bearish.
Chart pattern said that for the H1 chart nothing.
Stochastic is pointing UP but MACD said it still under the 0 level. My forecast is this will bring up bullish movement but need confirmation for the moving average and I have to make sure that it break the trendline, then i will Long this Eur/USD.


So in the Gbp/Usd also i can say that is like to same with the Eur/Usd. So in chart pattern it is none of it.
The stochastic same like Eur/Usd is pointing up and the MACD is still under the 0 level.
So then i have to waitn until it touch the bottom line in the trend line and start to Long the Gbp/Usd.

So traders' , how your forecast then ? Whatever is it, is all true since the best system in trading is YOUR system ..

see you tomorrow .... Happy trading !!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Jan 13 , 2010

Hi Trader ,
Welcome back again..Many sorry seems like I'm not around givin you a market forecast. It was because I am not trade yet. If there is no forecast here, means im not at desk for trading..So, nevermind..Let us see what we have today


So this is what we have for today. Less fundamental and what we have to do is totally follow
what technical analysis said. I am always use to see Fundamental analysis first because it will
give market movement perhaps technical analysis is very important as i can says it will give 90% of analysis.
Let we see what we have in the chart


In chart pattern, nothing i can see here. Is just about breakout up. In fact, the trend in H1 cha
rt here is Bullish, so it will continue Bullish.
Same as what MACD said, it just on the 0-line and SSD just cross the 0-line and pointing towards up.
So, for today GBP/USD will go further up until 1.62219...

So in EUR/USD chart here, it was difficult since start monday it show a sideway movement.
No chart pattern appear here and this will suitable for scalpers doing their job.
But in MACD, it just on the 0-line and seems like SSD just cross on it and pointing up. Need further confirmation on the movement before continue Bullish.

Thats only for today and see you tomorrow with ECB Bid Rate......

Happy trading !!

Friday, January 8, 2010

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Best regards,

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*If you do not trade a minimum of ten times per calendar month, a fee of $30 based on current rate may be debited from your account to cover server cost.

Jan 08 , 2010

Hello Traders ....
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year for those who are celebrated it..
Since Monday the Fx Market already open for trade and i'm not trading it since uncomfortable to doing it . Today I will start trade and let us see what we have for today...

Fundamental Analysis

Well well well .. As per known, we have Non-Farm Payroll. The most wanted event. Dont get
mad traders..Let us forecast the movement base on the data given by Forex Factory here :
Unemployment Rate previous 10.0% and forecast 10.1% its means that increasing, and Non-Farm Employment change previously -11K and forecast is -3K, so here i would like to say that USD will soon Bearish.

So what we have in the charts today...

In chart pattern there is none of the list.
MACD : it says that on the line of 0 level and hard to see, because i can say that GU just sideway before the news release.
SSD: said it pointing up and to find the overbought level.
So what we have here is just wait and the best strategy is Breakout since no pattern appear but the trend is Bearish.

Same as the GU, chart pattern says nothing i can see here.
MACD : said that histogram is under the 0-level and it will on the same movement Bearish. Unless during the news release that we can see the result thus the heading to.
SSD : it will pointing up and try to reach the overbought level.

So, for those who are really new in Fx just be careful and make a very good trading style.
For both chart, during the Event release I will use Breakout Style. What we need is Trendline.

Happy trading .... :)