Friday, February 26, 2010

FXCM update

Dear Client:

On February 24, 2010, FXCM experienced a series of incorrect ASK prices in the following instruments: USD/CHF, AUD/USD, USD/CAD, NZD/USD, EUR/AUD, and AUD/NZD.

This affected a small portion of our MT4 clients. To resolve this issue FXCM found it necessary to roll back affected accounts later that afternoon to their status as of 10:26 a.m. (EST) of February 24, 2010.

Unfortunately, this solution caused an unanticipated consequence resulting in many MT4 accounts trading at this time experiencing delays in execution. As a result, many MT4 accounts were not able to place trades between 6 p.m. (EST) Wednesday, February 24, 2010, and 11 a.m. (EST) Thursday, February 25, 2010.

We at FXCM sincerely apologize for this incident. We are conducting a thorough investigation of the causes behind the incidents and will implement a plan to prevent future occurrences.

If you were negatively impacted by these events, please log the details of your trade at the following link as soon as possible: Enter your account number, ticket numbers (if available), and full details of the trades impacted. Our client services team will be in touch with you regarding the appropriate adjustment to your account.

Thank you for understanding.

Best regards,

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Feb 25 , 2010

Hello Trader' ...
How are you doin ? doin well huh since my last forecast both are givin us now +200 pips and if you still want to hold it, you can..but if you want to take it first, then you can take it now...Why ? It was because i can see any further movement but there is a retracement..Nevermind, now let us see Forex Factory for today events ...
Ok then..So now we have BOE governer King speech for GBP at 1730LT,then we have durable goods order for USD and the most wanted is Unemployment claims for USD ...

So for the GBP governer King speech, it is not more than giving goods for their country since its already Bearish movement over a weekend.

Durable Goods order seems like it is decreasing, but at the same time there is Unemployment Claims for USD where we can see it is decreasing, so then it means it is good for USD and once it is goods for USD it will go Bullish for USD.

Ok that is what Fundamental Analysis..Back then we thru for the Technical Analysis
So then we can see that

Chart pattern : None
Stochastics : Over sold
MACD : Below 0-level
Forecast : Bearish >> the trend is still Bearish since the Trend line (you can see in a red line ) is still pointing down, the thing is its already on the bottom side same as Stoch. So what i can say here is i will trade at 2130LT for the Unemployment claim which i can say it will continue Bearish


So the EUR/ USD aso same movement as for the GBP / USD

Chart pattern : None
Stochastics : Over sold
MACD : Below 0-level
Forecast : Bearish >> the trend is still Bearish since the Trend line (you can see in a red line ) is still pointing down, the thing is its already on the bottom side same as Stoch. So what i can say here is i will trade at 2130LT for the Unemployment claim which i can say it will continue Bearish

Well then ... Happy trading !!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Feb 23 , 2010

Hello traders' ...
How are you doing ? So then, many sory seems like i am not here for a very long time.. Well i hope everyone will doing the best for trading.
Ok then, lets us see what we got in Forex Factory ...

So, we got EUR German Ifo Business Climate at 5pm LT and Inflation report Hearing at 515pm LT ( ps: LT- GMT +8) .. What I can see from the news is EUR gonna have increasing figures since it wil bring good economic forecast and EUR wil go Bullish during the news. And for GBP just be careful, i can see they will turn back down since yesterday the just in side way movement and suddently Bullish this morning.
Anyway, that just a Fundamental Analysis from me. And let we see the Technical Analysis from my own Custom Indicators


Chart Pattern : None
Stochastics : Overbought
MACD : Round Top -Still above 0-level
Forecast : Bearish >> Confirm by cross the overbought level , Red Big Ball appear and MACD change below 0-level

EUR/USDChart Paterrn : Previously it has Double-Bottom and already expired since it already breach the neckline.
Stochastics : Overbought , tend to Bearish need confirmation crossing the level
MACD : still above 0-level, but histogram said already VT-Very top
Forecast : Bearish >> Confirmation by Stoch n RSi cross over Overbought level,MACD will change and appear histogram below 0-level
I can advice to put in the Red-Trendline for it will continue the Daily trend which is Bearish

Anyway, hope that everyone will understand my easy step to get in the market and wish you all best ...

Happy trading !!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Feb 17 , 2010

Good day ,
So then how everyone trading ? In Malaysia just have a long holiday for Chinse New Year, and here i want to wish Gong XI Fa Chai for the Chinese. Perhaps also just a Happy Valentine for all couples..

Ok .. So sorrry for the late forecast today.I am normally forecast the market at 1200hr@GMT +8 time..But dont have worry, let us see what we have in Forex Factory as usual ...

So, by 3amLT@2pmEDT, we can see that US have FOMC meeting. Hope that it will just became yesterday on FOMC member Hoening speak. That is a very big movement for this month.
The strategy on this event is Breakout. There is no others. So per tonite let us plan our trade on doing Breakout strategy..

Ok then let we have some trading activities on how to plan a breakout strategy

Normally Breakout strategy is during open market on whatever currency as long as you know their open market at what time
As per example for today on GBP/USD M15 during Euro Market Open ..
I am thinking that once you see for the picture, there is nothing to ask right ?
The arrow show entry point at the dotted line. The only question is why i have to put Long entry?
So then the answer is only you have to know that there is decreasing triangle. For that pattern it will show normally the movement tend to breakout upward.
So then, actually you can get the knowledge via for more detail.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Feb 9 , 2010

Hai Traders '
Hpw are you doin ... ? So up to today, everybody surely got 400+ pips from my last foreacast ... Wel i am back here since i was taught it will change trend. I thinks that will be enough, and today let us see some Fundamental Analysis form Forex Factory..
So we got nothing seems like best time for trade with the news. A little movement will make a move to GBP for the bearish movement on that time.
So let us see some input from forex trading blog ...

Aussie (AUD): No real news on tap until the end of the week when Australia reports its employment figures. Look for the Aussie to trade solely on risk themes and commodity prices this week. The Aussie is up across the board.

Kiwi (NZD):
Expect the Kiwi to trade in similar fashion to the Aussie. New Zealand’s economy is still “fragile”, according Reserve Bank Governor Bollard in response to last week’s unemployment figures. There will be some figures coming out later this week that may help gauge inflation, but don’t expect any major moves outside of risk themes.

Loonie (CAD): Canadian housing starts came in better than expected this morning, but expect the Loonie to trade more on US themes and commodity (particularly oil prices) this week. No other news this week.

Euro (EUR): By now if you’re not aware of the pending debt crisis in Greece, then you’ve had your head in the sand for some time! Seriously, reports coming out of Greece suggest labor strikes as unions are dead-set against the government’s debt reduction plans. In the past, these strikes have become violent which could further highlight the problems and decrease confidence. On tap this week is Germany’s Consumer Price Index and at the end of the week we get Euro zone GDP figures. The trends on the chart clearly look down and we could see the Euro test 1.35 vs. USD. Stay tuned!

Pound (GBP): The Pound is down again after surveys showed the opposition party’s lead over the incumbent party narrowing, which would result in an election to be held in June. Furthermore, British GDP and the BOE quarterly inflation report are on tap, which could show weaker than expected growth. The pound is just under 1.56 vs. USD.

Dollar (USD): The Dollar is weak this morning, paring back after gains last week from risk-aversion themes. Toward the end of the week retail sales will be reported which should be a gauge of how recovery is going. The consumer in the US represents some 70% of GDP so weaker sales could foreshadow slower growth. Friday is the UM Consumer confidence number.

Yen (JPY):
The yen is weak today mainly on risk-taking and a pullback from strength last week. Economic slowdowns are predicted as problems in the Euro zone hurt exports and the Toyota recalls hurting the economy in general.

After last week’s scare, expect the market to trade some sideways as market capitulation digests the news. Barring any major economic “disasters”, expect traders to dip their toes back into the risk trade very slowly. However, if stocks continue to sell of today, then we could be in for more dollar strength.
Overnight, Asian markets are down while they are trading higher in Europe. US market futures are down, and oil is up slightly to 71.25, with a better rebound in gold, up 1.25% to 1065.

So let us see for the Technical analysis


So then, here i can say that the GBP/USD want to change the movement today. But let confirm it with my indicator. For chart pattern i cannot say something because there is none of them. Let see for the MACD, still under 0-level and waiting for breach the 0-level within 2hours from now, and if there is happen, we will Long the GBP/USD. So then for the SSD, it seems like already at overbought level and wil Bearish soon, as per Trendline there is still show us the Bearish movement. What ever it is, it the price is breach the trendline and the indicator up there, surely changing trend for the day, and MACD will above the 0-level and surely appear the bib Ball blue for the Bullish afterward.


Ok then, so let us see the EUR here..Since yesterday it is sideway. No chart pattern available. I was heard the investor/medium speculator said that, if the price reach 1.3600 and soon it will be back for 1.4200. As per MACD said, it already above 0-level. But SSD, is already overbought, seems like my signal is arrow up. What i can plan is, waiting the retracement or lower high to enter Long position for the next couple hour.

Good luck & Happy trading !!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Feb 1 , 2010

Hai traders' ..
How your weekend ? Hope that everyone are satisfied with what i am forecast here and maybe there is some additional info that i can put together for you future references...

So let us see what we have here .. We start with Forex Factory as per usual for the Fundamental Analysis ...

So from FF, there is 2 big event for GBP manufacturing PMI and USD ISM Manufacturing PMI. For GBP manufacturing PMI the previous index and forecast are same but there is increasing for the USD manufactuirng PMI. So then i can see that USD will be bullish during that news release.
Ok then, here is some article from Forex Trading Blog for other opinions :

Here’s how world currencies are trading this morning:

Aussie (AUD): Gains in the Aussie have slowed down as the global slowdown, particularly in China, is expected to slow growth in Australia. This morning is a mixed bag for the Aussie, as it’s higher vs. the Japanese yen and British pound, but down vs. the US dollar and Euro.

Kiwi (NZD): The Kiwi is trading higher across the board and is showing the highest percent gain vs. the yen this morning, up 1%. They just reported a budget deficit for the first time in 9 years, as tax receipts have slowed and government spending picked up last year.

Loonie (CAD): Canadian GDP came in this morning at .4%, a smidge higher than expectations. Canada is showing slow but steady growth, which is a positive for the economy. The Loonie has been weakening against the US dollar as global risk appetite has abated and oil prices are down almost $6 this year.

Euro (EUR): The Euro is trading higher against the yen and the pound, but down against the rest this morning. Consumer prices rose 1% showing that inflation is starting to pick up in the region. Also to note is that fears over the Greek debt crisis are weakening as region considers all of its options.

Pound (GBP): The pound is down this morning against all but the yen, experiencing a technical pull back from its recent strength. Housing prices were up the most in 5 months and consumer confidence is improving. BOE policy-maker Andrew Sentance cautioned that the recovery can continue, “especially if interest rates remain low.”

Dollar (USD): The dollar is showing strength today after the GDP figures that were reported this morning. The fastest growth since 2003 is stoking thoughts that inflation may be closer than the Fed thinks.

Yen (JPY): The Japanese yen is down across the board today as the CPI index showed that deflation is still very prevalent in the Japanese economy. Finance Minister Kan called for the Bank of Japan to take a powerful approach to combat falling prices and a strengthen yen.

Now let us see for the Technical Analysis for :


So then, from last Friday is show us the BEarish movement until end of the trading hours. Today i can say here is there is some retracement as per normal movement for the chart and once the time come for ISM news, it will continue the trend Bearish. So, for those who are really know the Pivot movement, do your job. Price will definitely find the Pivot level before come back for the trend. As per MACD said, it still under 0-level for bearish movement but for Stochastics it slowly move and find their Overbought level. For the chart pattern, nothing i can say, since there is no chart pattern appear.


Ok now for the EUR/USD, seems like same as GBP/USD. It will retrace first then continue Bearish since the trend is Bearish. MACD said so since it still under 0-level but Stochastic is pointing up and until they reach the overbought level, surely it will go for the Bearish trend.

So, now as a trader it still need your intervention to study the movement and well forecast before entering any position. Good luck, see you then ... Happy trading :)