Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sept 29 , 2011

Dear Traders,
There is a lot of Fundamental analysis for today. Thus we need to be very careful with all the sentiment made by announcer. Lets us see what we have for today.

 Every hour has news. The interesting is German Unemployment change. It will measure the number of unemployed people during the previous month. Forecast said it will be worst. The usual effect is when Actual < Forecast = Good for currency.

EUR/USD forecast.

Using this M15 chart, we can see that all indicator said the movement is on top. For the SSD said it is already overbought. We need to confirm the direction once the SSD crossover the overbought level (redline). Thus once the candle breach the blueline and will appear red ball on top, we will follow the downside movement.

GBP/USD forecast

The pound also has the same movement with EUR/USD as above. So the explanation also just follow as above.

If you can see above, Short position is still in there from last night. That is why if we didn't put the Stop Loss the market will carry you on.

Trade Well :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sept 22 , 2011

Dear Traders,
How are you doing? Im believe that you got a big catch yesterday right? Well done all..
So what we have for today? Lets us see from Fundamental Analysis.

From Fundamental Analysis, we can see the market for today is whipsaw. So we need to be very careful with maintain Money Management and Stop Loss. Once market open, EUR will play their role. The PMI ( Purchasing Managers' Index ) is a leading indicator of economic health. It measure the level of diffusion index based on surveyed purchasing managers in the manufacturing industry. The usual effect for this kind of news is Actual > Forecast = Good for Currency.

Well. lets look the Technical Analysis for GBP/USD pair:

Yesterday approximately 200+ pips in a one way direction which is SELL. So today, the market might be lead to bullish as their correction movement and it will depend on the EUR correlation since EUR has PMI news. So, make it confirm the SSD must cross the oversold level and the candlestick must breach the red line above it and Blue ball should appear below it, then it was confirm the movement is for BUY.

So for the EUR/USD :

The Technical Analysis for this currency pair is same as above. The movement will lead thru the fundamental analysis soon. But keep in the mind that market movement is in the correction mode which is bullish. SSD must cross the oversold level and candlestick must breach the red line above it and Blue ball should appear below it.

So that is what i have for today and happy trading.... :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Sept 21 , 2011

Dear Traders,
Firstly i would like to apologize since this blog didn't update for a long time. Here im back to provide my understanding in Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis base on my new setup.

Now, we see the Fundamental Analysis first before we start further in Technical Analysis as per previous session which we need to verify the market direction.

As seen in the Forex Factory calender, GBP will soon Berish direction since it has Public Sector Net Borrowing. It is the difference in value between spending and income for public corporations, the central government, and local governments during the previous month. The usual effect for this kind of news is when the Actual < Forecast , it will GOOD for GBP currency. So from here we can know that direction for GBP is bearish towards this news.

Then, lets us see the Technical Analysis for GBP/USD pair.

From Technical Anaylsis base on my chart setup, in circle area is where the market heading. It already towards Bearish movement. But to confirm the movement, we need to ensure the candlestick breach the blue line and appear a Red Ball. Thus, the SSD need cross the overbought level which in the chart below. Once all the indicator are same decision, then we will follow the market flow.

Now, let us see Technical Analysis for the EUR/USD pair.

From the Technical Analysis above, the candlestick already breached the blue line and Red ball appeared above it. So, one more confirmation is the SSD need to cross the overbought level. Then, as usual we follow the market flow.And as for Take Profit is until the last mile of the trendline or you can set your own TP.

Be sure of your Money Management and Stop loss factor to avoid any circumstances that will make market is not as what forecast.

See you then for tomorrow...Happy trading...